Why Responsive?

Mar 24, 2014

Five years ago, you could be safely assume that most of your viewers would visit your website from a laptop or similarly sized desktop. Today you can’t be sure what size screen your site will be vie

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True Modern

Mar 19, 2014

Renowned furniture designer Edgar Blazona has been a client of Extra Solid Media for the past four years. As Vice President and Creative Director of Thinc, Edgar designed major collections for large r

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Experience Design

Mar 02, 2014

Web design seems two dimensional on the surface, consisting only of layouts of text and images. But when you take into account how users perceive and interact with the finished product, designers can

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Open Source

Feb 02, 2014

  Every day, the number of open source users grows larger. Millions are adopting Android devices, accessing the internet with Firefox or Google Chrome, watching videos on VLC, or running a rob

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