Extra Solid Experience

Get the most out of your web presence as a preferred client of Extra Solid Media

At Extra Solid, we are committed to helping businesses achieve their goals by
using the latest network technology. Our core services are:

Experience Design

Intuitive designs based on user experience

Web & Mobile Development

Leverage the latest web and mobile technology

Online Marketing

Reach your target audience effectively

Managed Hosting

A strong server-side keeps your site fast and reliable

Our Process

We get results by Meticulous Planning, UX Design, Streamlined Development, and Outstanding Support
Below is our typical process for each client

discovery and planning

Thorough planning guarantees better results and less issues for your project


We have a reputation for exceptional designs that are both intuitive and responsive, resulting in the best possible experience for your visitors


Our development team writes efficient, SEO friendly code that keeps your site running smoothly

Support and Maintenance

We offer extremely generous maintenance and support packages to make sure your site is well taken care of after launch

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that building a website is like building a house. We see ourselves as the architects of your web presence, and we approach each project as methodically as if we are making something physical. The following paragraphs illustrate our process for a typical client. If you like what you see, give us a call today. We are excited to build an online home for your business.

Discovery and Planning

Just like real estate, your new site is a long-term investment that you want to retain its value over time. So where do you begin? Architects don’t start work by jumping right into construction, they start by making blueprints. This is why we stress Discovery and Planning as the most important part of any project. Mapping out the details of your site and brainstorming potential issues can save a lot of headaches down the line, as well as a lot of time. We make a blueprint of every aspect of your site and divide it into deliverable steps to ensure a smooth and timely completion of your project.


Like a house, your website is a place where you’ll be inviting guests. Whether its customers, colleagues, neighbors, or investors, you want to give your visitors everything they need to get the most out of their experience. Most importantly, you want them to leave feeling satisfied. Our designs are based around user experience to ensure that whoever your viewers are, they are able to navigate your site easily and intuitively Unlimited revisions – A common issue in web design contracts is that you only pay for one design. So if the designer makes something you don’t like, you have to pay them more for a redesign, which might come out even worse. At ExtraSolid, we combat this issue by offering unlimited design revisions before launch. In other words, once the walls are up, we will redecorate until you are fully satisfied.


To operate correctly, a house needs functional utilities like plumbing, wiring, vents, and a support structure. Even though these systems run in the background and won’t be visible to your guests, they are essential for the building to function. This is a strong parallel to the development side of your website. Our expert developers write efficient code that will keep your website running smoothly, and prevent you from running into problems down the road.

Support and Maintenence

We want you to know you’re in good hands long after your site goes live.

Every house, no matter how well built, requires some routine maintenance. This usually consists of mundane tasks like mowing the lawn, checking the fuse box, changing air filters, and cleaning the gutters. None of these take very long, but they can cause problems if left undone. Your website requires some upkeep too. Testing, diagnostics, error reviews and resolution, and content management updates are important to keep your site up to date. At ExtraSolid, customer support is at the core of our philosophy, which is why we offer free maintenance and support to all our clients for 1 year starting from the websites launch date. We want you to know you’re in good hands long after your site goes live.

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